13 aftershocks were felt in Romania, in Vidin, Vratsa and Montana

13 aftershocks were registered in Romania. This was explained on the air of “Hello, Bulgaria” by Prof. Plamena Raykova, head of the Department of Seismology and Seismic Engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

On Tuesday, an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale rocked the Romanian state. Its epicenter was near the town of Tasmania. It was also felt in our country.

“The series of aftershocks will certainly continue. We expect earthquakes with a magnitude smaller than yesterday. At the moment, we are observing a fading streak in this area. It is not possible to look for a connection between all the tremors in the last week”, explained Raykova.

In Bulgaria, the earthquake was most strongly felt in Vidin, Vratsa, and Montana.

“Many people have written to us to signal that they have felt it. For the moment, it can be said that the country’s territory is weakly seismic. In principle, highly seismic zones in our country are Kresna, Sofia, Shabla, Plovdiv, and Gorna Oryahovitsa”, said the associate professor. And he added that there are often earthquakes in the Vrancha region. However, they are deeper and less often felt by people.

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