A new element has hit Turkey, there are victims and people missing

In the center of Adyaman, the Egrichay river has overflowed its banks, which has caused difficulties in movement

The horror for the Turkish people does not end. Flooding in the southern Turkish regions of Adyaman and Şanlıurfa has killed at least five people and left six others missing.

The heavy rains have most seriously affected the town of Tut. There, the torrents carried away a container that housed a family left homeless after the earthquakes. One person has died and four are missing.

Adyaman Civil Defense Coordinator and Tokat District Governor Numan Hatipoglu said that the offices of the Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD), gendarmerie, police and rescue teams from different districts have been deployed in the field, Anadolu Agency reported, as quoted by BTA.

“One of our citizens has died and four are missing. Our teams are still searching. We are trying to reach other citizens as well. We hope to reach our citizens as soon as possible. This is a big disaster,” Hatipoglu stressed.

In the center of Adyaman, the Egrichai River has overflowed its banks, which has caused difficulties in movement.

Rescue teams are moving the tents that are threatened by the floods and that housed the families left homeless after the devastating earthquakes.

In Şanlıurfa district, four people have died, and two firefighters are being searched for, Turkish publication NTV reported.

“It has been raining very heavily since yesterday. We took measures already yesterday. Schools and institutions have been evacuated. However, the rain caused serious problems. Many of our houses are underwater, and our teams are on the ground,” said Şanlıurfa District Governor Salih Ayhan.

Southern Turkey was rocked by two earthquakes last month that was felt across most of southern Turkey and killed more than 48,000 people.

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