A poll shows that most Ukrainians support continued armed resistance against Russia

According to the poll, 86 percent of respondents say it is necessary to continue the fight against the invaders, even if airstrikes on cities in Ukraine continue

A vast majority of Ukrainians believe their country should continue its armed resistance against the Russian invasion, according to a survey published today, cited by Reuters, BTA reported.

According to the survey conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) between October 21 and 23, 86 percent of those polled say it is necessary to continue the fight against the invaders, even if airstrikes on Ukrainian cities continue.

The share of those who support the continuation of armed resistance remained high at 69 percent, even in the eastern Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, where there is more fighting and a larger Russian-speaking population.

Of the survey participants who responded in Russian, two-thirds approved of the continuation of the struggle, while among Ukrainian respondents this share was 89 percent.

According to the deputy director of KMIS, Anton Khrushetsky, the results of the survey show,

that Russian strikes on Ukrainian cities have backfired instead of the intended goal of “instilling panic, despair and forcing Ukrainians to surrender.”

“Yes, the horror continues, people die or are injured, and Ukrainian families are forced to spend their evenings in the dark. However, the national pain of loss and destruction does not scare people,” he said.

In his words, “Ukrainians maintain strong unity and resilience and are ready to continue the struggle until victory.”

A KMIS survey last month showed that 87 percent of Ukrainians oppose any territorial concessions to Russia.

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