Denmark creates a fund of 1 billion dollars for Ukraine

Denmark will create a fund of 1 billion dollars to help Ukraine, the Danish government announced after the agreement of almost all parties in the parliament, Danish TV2 reported. The new fund for Ukraine will ensure that Denmark remains one of the countries that support Ukraine to the greatest extent relative to the size of the country.

This is the message of the government, which together almost all parties agreed to create a fund for Ukraine with a total framework of 7 billion Danish kroner. The funds for the Ukraine fund will be found by the government and the parties to the agreement by easing fiscal policy by around 0.2% of GDP in 2023, which the Ministry of Finance estimates will free up DKK 5.6 billion in 2023 Mr.

“We are slightly easing the fiscal policy and taking part of the surplus that we will have here in 2023 and investing it in helping Ukrainians. At the same time, we are also directing our efforts to the business sector and our development aid in relation to Ukraine,” said the minister of Finance Nikolay Vamen at today’s press conference. 5.4 billion euros for military support.

Foreign Minister Lars Løcke Rasmussen explained that the fund stems from the requests that Ukraine made to Denmark. “In addition to military and humanitarian aid, it is now also about reconstruction,” the foreign minister said, adding that the agreement paves the way for “ever closer cooperation with the Danish business community, which has already shown great commitment to the reconstruction of Ukraine.” A defense minister highlighted the framework of 5.4 billion Danish kroner, which will be spent specifically on military donations.

“The conflict looks set to drag on, and for that reason, it is absolutely necessary that we have the opportunity to help the Ukrainians,” he said.

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