Dozens of students in Mexico have been mysteriously poisoned

At least 57 students have been poisoned with an unidentified substance at a rural school in Mexico, local authorities said.

The mass poisoning is the third in Miapas state schools reported by local media in the past two weeks. The incidents scared students and outraged parents, Reuters reported. Mexico’s Social Security Institute reported that 57 teenage students in the municipality of Bochil arrived at the local hospital with symptoms of poisoning.

One student in a “delicate” condition was transferred to a hospital in the state capital. The condition of the others is stable, the institute reported. According to some parents, the students were exposed to contaminated water or food. “We are outraged by these events,” Bochil executives said. They added that they are cooperating with the state attorney general’s investigation. The state attorney’s office said it conducted 15 toxicology tests that came back negative for illegal drugs. She added that she would continue to test the students.

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