Famous US general: The Russians will simply pass through all of Ukraine with rocket fire

We called on Ukrainians to die in greater numbers. We told their government that we would support them

In arming Ukraine in recent years, the United States has clearly relied on other actions by Ukraine’s armed forces in the conflict with Russian troops. That’s what Douglas McGregor, a former military adviser to the US military chief, said during Trump’s presidency.

“We called on the Ukrainians to die in greater numbers. We told their government that we would support them. And we sent them huge help and refused to negotiate with the Russians,” the US military said.

As a result, Ukraine’s armed forces are experiencing a “complete Armageddon” in Donbass. At the same time, the West is failing to involve Russia in a war that will bleed the Russian Federation, this is not happening. The idea of ​​Ukraine, according to Washington, is to turn the western part of this country into an analogue of Afghanistan for the Russians.

“But western Ukraine is not Afghanistan. It is an open area and there are no mountains, no caves, no hiding places. Russian troops can simply comb the whole area with rocket fire and artillery,” McGregor said.

The former adviser also pointed out the mistakes of the West in the fact that the supply of weapons to the Ukrainians should lead to the “degradation” of Russia and the fall of the existing government. Meanwhile, there are no signs of Putin being removed from the presidency.

“Now Putin is more popular than ever. Anyone who tries to remove him will actually commit suicide,” he concluded.

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