Google has been condemned to pay damages to a defamatory politician

"I am traumatized by all this," the Australian politician said, testifying in court

A Australian federal court has ordered Google to pay more than € 466,000 in compensation to an Australian politician who has been slandered in videos shared by a comedian on YouTube, AFP reported.

In 2020, John Barillaro was Deputy Prime Minister of the State of New South Wales when he was slandered by an Australian comedian known by the pseudonym “Friendly George”. In YouTube videos, he is accused of corruption and imitates his Italian accent.

In court, Barillaro collapsed while watching one of the videos shot by the comedian in a luxury house owned and rented by the politician at Air BBN.

“I am traumatized by all this,” the Australian politician said, testifying in court.

At the end of 2021, he signed an agreement with “Friendshipholders”, whose real name is Jordan Shanks.

The comedian apologized and agreed to change the content of the videos, which have been viewed over a million times on YouTube.

Judge Stephen Reyes ruled that Google, which owns YouTube, was responsible for the damage done to Barillaro from December 2020 onwards, when political lawyers wrote to the American giant asking him to download the offensive videos.

The judge ordered Google to pay compensation with interest.

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