Jeffrey Young predicted the annihilation of humanity if NATO troops entered Ukraine

The American politician called such plans insane and called on Western politicians to think carefully and assess the risks

The entry of NATO troops into the territory of Ukraine could provoke the beginning of the Third World War.

This opinion was expressed by American politician Jeffrey Young. According to him, such plans are insane and could lead to the destruction of all mankind. The candidate for governor of Kentucky, Democrat Jeffrey Young, calls on Western politicians to think carefully and assess the risks of a possible deployment of NATO troops in Ukraine, foreign agencies write.

The politician believes that this could lead to irreparable consequences: “These “Western countries” better think again before doing something like this. Then they have to think a few more times. This is crazy. It could lead to Russia destroying every country that sent troops, or it could lead to a nuclear war that could wipe out everyone on Earth,” he said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced the plans of Western countries to send NATO troops to Ukraine. The Hungarian leader emphasized that the West is very close to a real discussion of this issue. Orban also warns that such plans are a shortcut to the outbreak of the Third World War: “There is a serious possibility that soldiers from countries allied to Ukraine will also participate in the hostilities.

The world has never been so close to a local war escalating into a global one, the leaders of the western world are sick with war fever, they are giving speeches in support of the war, that more casualties are needed, that more deadly weapons must be sent to Ukraine “, he said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán noted that Ukraine can only stand as long as it is supported by its allies – the United States and the European Union.

Otherwise, Kiev would have started peace talks with Moscow a long time ago. In February, at the Munich Security Conference, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia’s victory in the conflict in Ukraine is more dangerous for the North Atlantic Alliance because of the risk of escalation.

In turn, the famous soothsayer in the West Craig Hamilton-Parker, whom the media call “the new Nostradamus”, believes that the Third World War will begin in 2023 due to a plane crash. According to him, in the global conflict, Russia and China will be on the same side.

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