New York State has raised the age limit for gun ownership

New York Gov. Katie Hochul has raised the age limit for buying semi-automatic weapons. Until now, young people at least 18 years old could buy free weapons, and with the changes the age increases by 3 years. The restriction on the purchase of weapons comes after the shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo.

With the new changes, buyers must be 21 years old, but a permit to buy a weapon will now be required. Hochul approved a package of legal changes that were passed by the US Senate after last month’s shooting, which killed 10 people. The Democratic state of New York already has some of the strictest gun laws in America. The changes prohibit most civilians from buying bulletproof vests. The package of legal changes also envisages the courts to confiscate weapons from people who pose a risk to themselves or others, BGNES writes.

The measures come amid a series of mass killings in the United States that have renewed calls for tighter gun control. Days after a shooting at a primary school in Yuwald, Texas that killed 19 children, President Joe Biden called for new legislation and tighter gun control, with the first step being to raise the minimum age for buying weapons. Indiscriminate shootings have killed more than 18,000 people in 2022, including nearly 10,300 suicides, according to statistics from the Gun Violence Archive.

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