NEXT ROUND: J.K. Rowling exposes transgender lobbying for beheading and eating women 

The third gender rally was also attended by politicians from the Scottish Parliament

A publication by the author of “Harry Potter” J.K. Rowling stirred the spirits on the network. The writer exposed protesters against the violence of “TERFs” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) at a transgender rights rally attended by politicians from the Scottish Parliament.

Rowling posted pictures of Scottish National Party activists Alison Thewlis and Kirsten Oswald, and Scottish MP Kaukab Stewart taking part in the demonstration in Glasgow, Scotland. In the footage, protesters can be seen holding placards saying things like “I eat TERFs” and “Behead TERFs”, with one of the slogans including an image of a guillotine.

“A few of Scotland’s extremely progressive and amiable politicians posing proudly in front of banners calling for women to be beheaded and eaten,” Rowling tweeted, adding a photo as proof.

Rowling’s post sparked a wave of comments online.

“Whose side are the vegans on?” joked comedian John Cleese.

“What on earth has gone wrong with the Scottish Government? I’m not sure my late mother would want her ashes scattered there now. I’m confused, I’m looking for Canadian lakes, a sapling from Ontario, but the Hebrides are off my list right now,” Toronto Star staff columnist Heather Malik wrote.

“I can’t believe my favorite children’s book author thinks beheading women is bad. What an example we are setting for our children,” quipped Daily Telegraph columnist Michael Deacon.

In separate media reports, politicians Thewlis, Stewart, and Oswald condemned the protesters’ slogans, saying they were unaware of the placards behind them when they spoke at the protest.

“I was unaware of these signs of hate when I attended today’s protest in defense of Scottish democracy and trans rights, and I strongly do not support them. Violence and hate speech are completely unacceptable and have absolutely no place in our society,” Steward said.

“I have many qualities, but having eyes in the back of my head is not one of them. If I had seen the posters you are talking about I would have told those involved how inappropriate and offensive this is so we can get rid of them,” Thewlis tweeted.

“It’s a terrifying sign and it wasn’t there when I joined the demonstration. It certainly does not reflect my views and is not the language I would ever use. Hate speech, in any form, is unacceptable and has no place in the peaceful movement for LGBT equality and democracy,” Oswald said.

J.K. Rowling did not owe them and responded with a new post.

“There is a strange new form of temporary blindness going on among Scottish politicians. None of them were able to read the placards calling for violence against women while standing inches away from them, but they were instantly cured when their photos posing with the slogans hit the press,” the writer wrote.

Rowling has previously run into various controversies with LGBT activists over her stance on transgenderism, particularly her views on women-only sports teams and facilities. She is often labeled a “transphobe”, although her defenders point out that she has never directly attacked transgender individuals.

After Rowling’s photos went viral, police announced they were launching an investigation into hate speech posters displayed at the demonstration.

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