Sweden plans to transfer eight Archer artillery systems to Ukraine

The Swedish government has decided to transfer eight Archer self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine, and for this purpose, the corresponding amendments have been introduced in the budget for consideration by the Riksdag (parliament of the country). The Armed Forces of Ukraine have declared the Archer system as one of their most necessary weapons to continue defending against the Russian aggressor, writes the Swedish publication Dagens Industri, quoted by “Gordon”.

In an amendment to the budget, the Swedish government has also requested that 10 Leopard 2 tanks be transferred to Ukraine. Together, the eight artillery pieces and ten tanks are valued at just over 6 billion kroner (about $568 million). According to Defense Minister Paul Jonsson, the uniqueness of the Swedish Archers is “in their ability to deliver extremely deep strikes on the enemy’s artillery system.” He also added that they are a good addition to the American long-range MLRS HIMMARS and will be used primarily to destroy enemy artillery.

According to the publication, Ukraine will be able to start using self-propelled Archers on the battlefield in a few months. It is noted that six of the eight systems can be used at the same time, while the other two must remain in reserve, in case of a need for spare parts.

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