Ukrainians will receive millions of LED bulbs to reduce energy shortages

Ukrainians were urged today to start replacing their old light bulbs with energy-saving LED lights to ease electricity shortages caused by ongoing Russian strikes on Ukraine's power system, Reuters reported.

The program is implemented with the help of the EU and aims to replace 50 million light bulbs. As part of its official launch, Economy Minister Yulia Sviridenko announced that every Ukrainian can take five of their old light bulbs to the post office and receive five new LED lights in return.

The EU’s ambassador to Ukraine, Mati Maasikas, announced that the union is providing 30 million LED bulbs and France another 5 million. The EU also provides generators and other equipment.

The goal of the program is to reduce the energy deficit caused by the Russian attacks by about a quarter in the next few months. “Ukraine is struggling on the military, economic and energy fronts,” Sviridenko said at a briefing.

“It is important that the pressure on the energy system is reduced.” An LED light uses eight times less electricity than older light bulbs, she added.
Saving energy is key for Ukrainians to survive the first winter since the Russian invasion of their country. According to official data, about 40 percent of the energy system is damaged, and several power plants fall into the zone occupied by Russian troops.

The national energy transmission operator “Ukrenergo” announced today that the energy deficit is growing with the beginning of the working week and the drop in temperatures below zero, and requested that the current regime be introduced throughout the country.

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