USA: China is amassing more nuclear weapons

By 2035, they will likely have 1,500 nuclear warheads

The Pentagon’s assumptions are that by 2035, China’s nuclear arsenal will increase fourfold. As noted in a report by the US Department of Defense, if the Chinese keep up the pace of their nuclear expansion, by 2035 they are likely to have 1,500 nuclear warheads.

The nuclear forces of the United States and Russia have significantly more such weapons, although the Department of Defense in Washington has expressed concern. Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder warned that China’s growing arsenal of nuclear weapons could lead to increasing instability.

The Pentagon has found that China is also modernizing its ballistic missiles, which could transport nuclear warheads. Last year, China fired about 135 ballistic missiles – “more than the rest of the world”. The leadership in Beijing is also making significant progress in modernizing its air force, moving closer to the West, according to the Pentagon.

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