Watch: Australian News Bursts Out Laughing at Biden

An Australian news anchor had difficulty keeping a straight face after reporting on White House Physician Kevin O’Connor’s presidential physical.

Dr. O’Connor examined U.S. President Joe Biden and released a February 16 statement attesting to his physical well-being.

“President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief,” O’Connor declared.

Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi played a clip containing verbal miscues, stumbles, and other bizarre behavior from Biden, while president, that followed her report of O’Connor’s diagnosis. She mocked the cognitive ability of the free world’s leader and laughed out loud towards the end of her segment.

The laugh-provoking montage of presidential gaffes was troubling because it shows allied nations mocking the U.S. president. Perceptions by foreign leaders of a weakened U.S. president may explain the aggressiveness displayed during this administration by Russia, China, and Iran.

Panahi’s comedic collection of Biden blunders followed a similar segment the previous week with the Washington correspondent for The Australian. During their broadcast, Adam Creighton, the Austailian’s Washington correspondent, displayed some of the president’s most cringe-worthy gaffes, according to a report from The Daily Wire.

“I have argued in other columns that this has been the funniest president in history because of this phenomenon,” Creighton said. As he made that remark to Panahi, the chyron read “Another Day Another Joe Biden Blunder.”

Creighton described it as somewhat worrying.

“Of course, the humor is not intentional, but it’s nevertheless very, very funny – and somewhat worrying, I suppose,” commented Creighton.

An ABC News report broadcast Friday included segments of an interview with the president. Biden seemed to stumble in a few places during the interview, much like outtakes in Panahi’s video.

The president said he could not recall if he spoke with East Palestine, Ohio’s mayor after the February 3 Norfolk Southern derailment.

Earlier Friday, Biden momentarily sidetracked while responding to questions from reporters outside the White House. When he seemed to glitch on finding the proper word, a reporter suggested “Zoom,” which the president riffed on. He revealed that every time he hears mention of a Zoom meeting, he recalls a song popular in his youth: “Who’s Zooming Who?”

Biden then got back on track to address the questions about the administration’s response to the train derailment and subsequent controlled burn of toxic chemicals.

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