CNN: Arabs and Muslims in the United States will not support Biden in the presidential election

A large number of Arab and Muslim voters in the United States have confirmed that they will not vote for the re-election of US President Joe Biden because of his unwavering support for Israel and the failure to achieve a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, CNN reported.

That TV network points out that in previous presidential elections, Biden received the support of several prominent American Muslims, elected officials and leaders of the Muslim community, but that on the eve of the new election cycle, many are skeptical and angry with him.

“I believe he is beyond redemption. I will not vote for Joe Biden. His complicity and active participation in the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza disqualifies him as my candidate,” said Khalid Turani, a Michigan consultant and co-chair of the Michigan chapter of the Leave Biden campaign.

The Leave Biden campaign was created in Minnesota after a group of Muslim Americans asked the president to insist on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip by October 31 last year, and when Biden did not respond to their demand, the group vowed to campaign against him.


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